Dumplings Duh!

On a recent trip to Shanghai we had our very first taste of real dumplings. We spoke very little intelligible Mandarin but somehow the sweet ladies knew just what we wanted.


While we waited for them to be freshly steamed, a sauce was created from vinegar, garlic, chili, and soy sauce. My mouth is watering, is yours? Then they arrived…


Deliciousness in a bamboo steamer.


They also gave us hot water which we were told was for drinking, not for finger washing.


Oh, and something else is drank with dumplings. We decided to inculturate.


Lip smacking good.

7 responses to “Dumplings Duh!

  1. I’m so glad that you made it to China. Long time coming but no doubt a lot of water under the bridge was part of the preparation for this segment of your lives and service. Yes, the dumplings are amazing. The people are even more amazing. Enjoy your time to the full.
    I had a wonderful time in Vietnam this summer and wonder what’s next for me. So much to do and not much time left. L, send workers.

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