Night Market Dreams

It’s National holiday this week so we had time to go to the night market!


As the evening progressed the area filled up with people until we were feeling like cattle being funneled into the slaughter house.  I’m told this is normal and not just because it’s a holiday. Great.

Anyway, I hadn’t any plan or list of things to look for. I was there to experience China at it’s most frugal. There were an abundance of phone accessories and hair accessories and bath accessories. There were purses, clothes, shoes, blankets, socks, food, food, and more food. I could have eaten spicy frog, rubbery duck neck, sizzling chicken wings, BBQ…everything, and the list goes on. I settled on a delicious fried chicken something and purple yam balls washed down with milk tea.

I was enjoying the local sales people and their different tactics to get you to take a look at their wares when I came across this fellow peddling purses and backpacks. He is my new friend.


I bought a nice purse/backpack. How could I resist?

And then I turned the corner and saw this:


WHAT!!!???  Were these real?  Oh yes, they were!


I bought a pair that came with food, water treatment, a free cup and paid extra for a psychedelic light stand. The whole purchase cost me…..$5!

Meet Lucy and Ethyl!


BEST      NIGHT       MARKET      EVER!!!!

4 responses to “Night Market Dreams

  1. Hi Kathi, you’re so industrious, sharing your experiences and reminding us of all your adjustments, thanks so much for the episodes and fun reading. take care and be blessed. Ursula

  2. Pet Jellyfish, that is unique. I thought I was being different when I kept the lizard and then the tadpoles that grew into frogs my kids brought me.


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