The Jade Buddha Temple

A few posts back you found us on a last minute trip to Shanghai for my visa.  While there we walked to a ‘nearby’ temple that I had seen on google maps. Too bad no one in China had seen that map. Anyways, we were just about to give up our endless trek when we saw a street sign telling us it was up ahead…7 more blocks.

When we got there we were told to buy a ticket to get into the temple and once inside we would need a second ticket to actually get to see the Jade Buddha. Hmmm. And no pictures were allowed of the Jade Buddha. Double Hmm.  We went in anyway.


What greeted us were several tourist groups and translators speaking quite a few languages.  Here are some pictures for you to contemplate as you think about the Chinese people and their beliefs.

twobuddhas          hindugoddess

buddhahead     recliningbuddha

burlbuddha     dragonoffspring

There were many courtyards and nooks at this temple as well. Some were meant for quiet contemplation with ponds of koi fish, while others were for ceremonies for the dead.

koidrybrush     dragonpyre

Through the smoke of incense and the chanting of the faithful there were those selling trinkets and asking for donations as good luck. I’m so happy that I don’t need to do that, aren’t you?  Maybe one day…no one will.


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