Sports Day

One of the requirements of the foreign teachers at Jiang Han University is to participate in school events.  Last week there were two days devoted to Freshmen Sports.  Here in China there is usually an opening ceremony to kick everything off.

The foreign teachers were asked to march in the ceremonies as well. At first they were taught to do some martial arts as they were marching but, apparently, they were so bad at this that it changed to simply waving flags from their home countries and China.  Even that took a couple of practice sessions to get it together.


There are teachers from many different countries teaching English (USA, Scotland, England, Ecuador), French (France), German (Germany), and Japanese (Japan).


For the most part the teachers took it all in stride, get it…in stride? Anyways…they all got matching track suits and shoes!



They were given breakfast before the early morning event.

The French teacher, Jeanne Pierre, had to wear his very French scarf with his ensemble.


And they were gathered together for the exciting moment…


It was difficult, but they finally got into straight lines. And boy did they march well!



Here’s a link to a video of the actual performance!

5 responses to “Sports Day

  1. Fun–and yes my favorite picture is Mark obviously being asked “Where’s your track suit?” Had a great time with everyone last weekend here for the retreat, It made for a LONG week since I also had the ACSI conference but I made a new friend from Australia who will be in Manila until January and then go back to hopefully return in July. Maybe June in Sydney??? Maybe a friend will win the lottery and donate her winnings? Oh well, we’ll see. Blessings on you all and take care. Check out my newest blog for my latest adventure. 😦 Carol Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 09:51:53 +0000 To:

  2. Love it! Looks like there weren’t many veterans of marching bands among the teachers! The matching track suits were great. Miss you guys! Karen

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