A Typical Day of Teaching

Mark is teaching at Jiang Han University in the English department. His students are all English majors. His weekly schedule is pretty spread out but he gets Thursdays off and every weekend.  Every teacher is expected to be at the English Corner on Tuesday evenings for 2 hours of conversation and laughter. Last week we were surrounded by many new students who had never come to English corner.  I had 25 all around me and Mark was separated out with a group of men asking manly questions, etc. We barely saw each other until he reached his hand into my group and “rescued ” me after 2 hours. All of the students roared when they heard he was my husband.  These students are such romantics!

Anyway, why don’t we follow Mark on a typical day of teaching. I took some pictures of his Freshman class.

His rooms are basic but with technology that is familiar albeit in Chinese.

His classes vary in size. Because he has the English majors, his classes are more manageable rather than the hundreds of oral English students in the other classes (at least 50 to a room). His students are serious about learning English.


But the hazards of teaching are still all about the chalk smudges!

His building looks like this.

His students love him. They shout out to him whenever they see him on campus. It’s so cute.

That’s it for today! You can watch a video we made here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooCMTWzDipw

And don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave the classroom!

3 responses to “A Typical Day of Teaching

  1. It’s the first day of Advent and we just showed your video to the Peace Lutheran Sunday School class. We all are praying for the both of you. Blessings always!!!!

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