The Candyman

Hey there friends!  Sorry for my long absence but I’ve been having an ongoing argument with my lungs and this atmosphere. If you want to know what I mean, go to and plug in Wuhan. It’s updated daily.


Before I got sick I went back to the night market!  Woot woot! I needed to check in with my favorite bag man to see what he was wearing these days.lionman

And then we turned the corner and

-cue the music-

we saw the Candyman!


He was working what looked like dry ingredientscandyman02

He was pulling and twisting a dough that all of a sudden magically turned into fairy hair!!candyman03

Or a fairy beard; it’s up to youcandyman04

Here’s what it looked like in the packagecandyman05

So, of course I had to buy one. It was delicious!candyman06

Here’s a link to the youtube video I caught

I’ll see you later when I’ve come down off my sugar high.

4 responses to “The Candyman

  1. Sorry you and the hazardous air haven’t been getting along. The candyman looks cool. You made me want to try it.

  2. I have the feeling that you may have a short term in China! Your lungs need a break. Saw an aerial photo of the dense “air” over China blocking out most of what should be able to be seen on the ground! We miss you very much!! Hope you are enjoying the Advent Calendar.
    Love to you and Mark, Mom
    (Still no books.)

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