Over the Spring Festival break we took a trip to Thailand!  Here are some of the highlights before my camera glitched and all my pictures and video clips were lost!

We arrived in the evening and went out to our favorite food court at the Night Market to indulge in curried dahl and naan!


The signature dessert here is sticky rice with mango. It’s SO good!


Something we’ve never done together was go to an elephant park. I insisted Mark ride an elephant at least once in his life. He agreed albeit half-heartedly.

The tourism forces that be have added quite a bit to the elephant park experience. You are now forced..I mean treated to a river raft ride, an oxcart ride, the elephant show, and finally the actual ride. There are also sophisticated gift shops and expensive artwork by the elephants themselves.


All along the oxcart ride we could see the evidence of prosperity in the surrounding village. The tourists demand for more has enabled every home to have a satellite dish and motorbike.  Yay for the elephants!  Even their poop is marketed into paper besides being fertilizer for the farms in Thailand.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The actual elephant ride was quite an experience. Our driver knew very little English, unlike some of the more charismatic drivers.


He also didn’t seem very experienced when it came to taking pictures of his riders. He got off the elephant at a scenic spot, along with all the other drivers in our line but his elephant, that we were still sitting on, didn’t seem to want to stay put and he had no control over him. Mark had visions of the big guy stepping off the edge of the cliff we were standing near and us rolling to our deaths.

Needless to say, he mentioned at this point that he could now cross this off his bucket list and were we finished yet? We were not. It was another 20 minutes of being jostled and bounced around before we were deposited safely on the ground yet bruised sufficiently on our posteriors. Whew!


The show, starring a variety of elephants was a circus, no pun intended. The mahouts(elephant trainers) were eager for the tourists to pose with their animals as long as a tip was given.


The elephants were eager and hungry for the bananas and, much to my dismay, the sugar cane sticks being sold to us.


Stay tuned for the video I’m putting together of the adventure!

4 responses to “Thailand…Ahhh

  1. I love it! At first I was wondering if you went to the same place tourist place in Thailand, but I decided no, yours looked more rustic than our commercial staged show place . Our actual elephant riding was done in Nepal at the local zoo. Yours looked more fun with things like trudging through water. I’ll happily take Mark’s place.

  2. Wonderful! So sorry you had a glitch with your camera and lost precious photos, but the ones you posted are great! What a fabulous adventure, bruises and all. Looking forward to the video.

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