Hair Day

Recently I read in the paper that March 2nd was called Dragon Raising Head Day and to celebrate, many people go out and get a hair cut. Something about good luck.  if any of you have ever visited Asia you may have noticed that a lot of them have the same kind of hair. Straight and black. Thus the hair cutters around here can get a bit flustered with wavy or curly hair.  I had been warned to be careful when choosing a hair salon and to bring a Chinese speaker with. With that said I was also told that the hair cutter would still do whatever they felt comfortable doing with my hair.

I chose to wait.

After months longer than I normally wait between haircuts, a foreign friend offered to cut my hair with the help of her sister, who cut hair for a living…in Minnesota.  I agreed.


The session would be done via a Skype video call so she could see me and my friend while she was snipping away.



Which brings me to the present and Dragon Raising Head Day. My friend isn’t in town at the moment and I was getting desperate for another cut.


Enter my friend, Wendy, who was out with me on Sunday and we decided to brave a local hair salon.




After a short wait I was given a very nice shampoo and led to a chair. I had Wendy tell him I just wanted the same style; just shorter. He said, ok.

Pretty soon I was being blown dry and styled into someone I didn’t recognize. So much for that. Even with a Chinese speaker with me it didn’t matter.

Oh well. I got my hair cut.

The world didn’t end.

And, no, you can’t see the bouffant style he gave me.

6 responses to “Hair Day

  1. bouffant? Remember some of us are guys who cut our own hair.

    Too bad a foreign blind masseuse couldn’t use skype to learn how to massage.

    I want to see a picture.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Not fair, my dear! You lead us down the garden path and then don’t let us smell the flowers! Can’t be that bad, can it???? OK, seems to me that bouffant will go away once you wash it again, right? Did it?

  3. You should really post a picture. If anything it will make the rest of us feel so much more gratitude for our stylist in the US who know more then one cut.

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