Wuhan Cymbal Factory

Before too much more time goes by I must tell you about our adventure to the factory that makes the real Wuhan cymbals for drummers!  Mark likes these cymbals and we needed new ones for the drum set at the coffee shop, so I went on a search for the factory!

After an extensive search and many phone calls we made it to the real deal!


A few of the drummers from here wanted to go and I tagged along. 🙂  The room we entered was covered with cymbals of all kinds. This factory is a one of a kind and makes gongs for temples as well as cymbals for drums.



The guys had all brought a pair of sticks and the testing began in earnest!


To get out of the din I went exploring. I wandered into a room at the back of the factory and found….the foundry! A huge racket was coming from within and upon entering I was greeted by stupefied men who were handling red hot brass and pounding it into gongs of immense size. The pounding was being made by large machine hammers. I didn’t take any pictures because I had been forbidden to do so, and wasn’t even supposed to be where I was but, oh, how fun!  Few people have seen what I did. It was something out of the early industrial age!


After being escorted out of the foundry I meekly went back to the cymbal room. It took the drummers just under 2 hours to make a decision on five different cymbals. Sheesh! I said “no” to Mark’s favorite.


After all the cymbals were cleaned up and had their brand names ground off (since we were buying them from the factory), we went on our merry way! All in all, a wonderful and noisy day!


8 responses to “Wuhan Cymbal Factory

  1. Fascinating, Kathi. Great pics! I sent this to our percussion friend Maggie. See you in a couple of months!! Love, Mom

  2. That is cool you got to see the off limits room even if the others didn’t and you couldn’t take pictures. Did they have to grind off their logo so you couldn’t return it at some store?

    • I wonder if that’s it! We assumed it was because they would get in trouble for selling from the factory but maybe it’s because we could try to do what you said! Hmmm.

  3. SO AMAZING! A one of a kind experience, for sure! Glad you have photos to show us. Thanks for sharing!!!! Karen and Dan

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