Arrrr, it’s Pirates Me Matey!

Ahoy there!

It’s been a while but I’ve been on a treasure hunt, ye see.


Mr Mai Coffee House and Foreign Language Club had a week long English camp for 6-12 yr olds in July. We had 24 little shipmates wanting to help find the treasure!

We had songs, games, story time and crafts. Oh, and English, of course!

songs   plank

listen   crafts

IMG_0968   mr mai


food   cookies

The little swabs were rewarded with gold dubloons for good behavior, that they could then cash in on the last day for treasure from the Booty Store. Arrr!


And what pirate would be complete without a tattoo!    


The last day’s treasure hunt led them all to their treasure…an English/Chinese dictionary.


A good time was had by all!  And no crewmen lost at sea.


3 responses to “Arrrr, it’s Pirates Me Matey!

  1. Wow I just showed this to my nephew and he wants to come over to your pirate school. Great way to connect with the youth!

    • Thanks Mary! Maybe you could get a group from your church to come visit us and help with next summers’ camp!! Sometime in July 2015. Think about it. 😉

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