Safari Camp Part 4

Thursday was Gorilla day!  Our Gorilla team was very enthusiastic about their team call, thumping their chests and hooting like gorillas. Each team came up with a sound and or action to use when they were being called out. The Gorillas were competing with the Lions for loudest group.















By this day the kids know all the songs and are singing them with great gusto.

















The story time emphasized Service and the kids’ behavior started to reflect the values we were imparting. They were helping each other, exercising friendship and telling the truth, and being very generous.  It was moving right along.

Thursday night we had a special music night at the coffee shop and most of the kids came back and shared their songs for their parents and relatives and other customers who were looking a bit shell-shocked to have so many kids at music night.  That’s how we roll at Mr Mai’s!

More in Part 5!

2 responses to “Safari Camp Part 4

  1. Oh you made me laugh at the shell-shocked bit! How awesome to have such an overwhelming response! You rock!

  2. Kathi, it is so delightful to read and see what you are accomplishing at the Coffee house!! Love the blog!

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