Safari Camp Part 5

Friday, the last day of camp, was Zebra day!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREScamp41We emphasized Cooperation on this day.










The kids were worked up into a frenzy on this day because they knew they would be able to shop at the village market today. All week long they had been earning special jungle beads for good behavior and today was the day they could spend those beads on toys!

camp11 They had all been working hard on their English worksheets, crafts and decoding skills.













And then there was the party and graduation ceremony for each child. They all got their picture taken with Mr Mai. A good and tiring time was had by all!


4 responses to “Safari Camp Part 5

  1. Oh my goodness – I was just tired from reading your blogs – so glad you have the energy and that you have lots of help! So proud of you! Elw

  2. Want to come for a visit?! It quite fun here. The weather is mild, the food is delicious, the people friendly. Anyone is welcome!

  3. You are my amazing and super talented friend! Everything you touch is golden! I want to go to your English camp!

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