Easter, When the Tomb was Swept Clean Forever!

Here in China we don’t always see evidence of the holidays to which we are accustomed. Easter was yesterday but around us there was a different holiday going on. Tomb Sweeping Festival. This is when people travel back to the ancestral burial grounds to pay their respects by cleaning, painting and tidying up the area around the tombs. Many will burn paper money, food and items useful to the dead in the after life like cars (in case they want to travel anywhere) and appliances (in case they need to keep the food fresh for awhile).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
This holiday doesn’t always fall over our Easter, because it follows the lunar calendar, but this year we were able to share what was different about our holiday to theirs.
I found this diorama here It was quite small so I made my own giant version for story time at Kid’s club and then had the kids make their own!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of story time. I was a little pre-occupied. After I told the story once, with translation, I asked if any of the kids wanted to come up and tell the story again using the diorama. A small boy who was only 4 1/2 volunteered and he did great! It was all in Chinese but he was wonderful! And it was his first time to the coffee house kid’s time. It brought such excitement to my heart.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI felt like the best friends of Jesus as they ran to the empty tomb to investigate Mary’s tale. Was it true?! Could it be?!
It rained all weekend here, making the Tomb Sweeping holiday solemn and appropriate to many Chinese. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt put a bit of a damper on those of us celebrating Easter but nothing could stop the rejoicing over the empty tomb that had been swept clean forever!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
He is Risen! He is Risen INDEED!

6 responses to “Easter, When the Tomb was Swept Clean Forever!

  1. Thanks for your updates and posts. I do think of you guys often just don’t get around to writing.

    So what can you tell me about Dongguan, China? I sent an application in an organization called QSI (Quality Schools International) that a friend of mine worked with in Eastern Europe and she loved it. They pay their teachers quite well, according to Barb, and thought I would see what happens. Got a response this morning from a school in this place that they want to interview me about a library position there so I need all the info I can get.

    I am still kind of hoping for a stateside job, but am keeping my options open to what God wants for me to do. I am doing a Chapel talk in a few weeks on changes and transitions (Along with “Oh the places you’ll go” from Seuss) and reminding myself over and over again that I need to just trust.

    Blessings on your day!

    Carol (PS–Thanks for the Easter Card which I unfortunately have not had the time to open yet. Later….)

    Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 02:09:58 +0000 To: carolannvan@hotmail.com

  2. what a vivid illustration right at hand! great how you used it, Kathi, to explain the empty tomb. Surely the young boy will remember something;)

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