Red Beans of Love

Endless tears in my eyes,
I toss the love beans as I yearn for you;
Filling the gallery,
spring blossoms and willow bloom perpetually.
Sleepless stormy twilights, through the window I stare;
Unforgettable sorrow, the past and the present.
Delightful cuisines, I desire not;
Looking in the mirror, I see my gaunt reflection.
Those frowning brows, feeling the pain of missing you;
In these endless nights, my world stops turning.
Oh! You are on my mind,
as inexorable as the vague distant mounts;
As unstoppable, as the ever-flowing streams.

This is an ancient poem that shows the significance of the red bean and how it relates to love.

Since Mark & I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary I thought we’d celebrate in the Chinese way. This meant eating red beans in something. The problem was Mark doesn’t like red beans.



But before I could press my point he surprised me with wine, candles, a romantic card, and a brownie! He’s so special and I’m so blessed. Happy anniversary to all the lovers out there!



6 responses to “Red Beans of Love

  1. Well, Mark may not like red beans, but he seems to like red beads! Happy 30th!! I remember the day well. And it’s also Kathi’s mother’s birthday, 79 today.

  2. Happy Anniversary. That was neat. Mark is just as great as he was 30 years ago.Blessings,LaVonne

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