Cowboy Roundup Day 2

Day 2 emphasized the long and short E and the story time involved review and questions to see how well the kids paid attention.  We use a reward system for good behavior that enables the kids to purchase items at a general store at the end of the week. Most kids here are ‘only’ children(no siblings) and are used to doing whatever they like and getting away with being cheeky. We nip that in the bud the first day by having this incentive to behave, and let me tell you, the first time one of their coins is taken away for unacceptable behavior is usually the last time a coin needs to be taken away!


Some of these items were purchased in China, but because we had a cowboy theme, the majority were bought and brought from the US. This also makes these things special.

I forgot to mention the kids also receive a t-shirt for camp that they wear everyday. Most of them leave them behind along with their hat, vest, bandana, nametag and moneybag. What?! Yes, a moneybag similar to the bags that the banks would have that all the outlaws would run away with. I thought it would be a fun way to hold their loot while it accumulated all week.

One of my great Ranch leaders modeling the money bag.

One of my great Ranch leaders modeling the money bag.

Each of the kids drew their face and name on a wanted poster the first day in order for Mrs. Ann Oakley, the craft lady, to put their daily crafts in an organized storage until they took everything home the last day. Each camp gets better organized as we learn what works and what doesn’t. This was the smoothest camp yet!

We rewrote the words for She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain as our theme song. Mr. Mai’s Cowboy Roundup Song.

We are havin’ a cowboy roundup at Mr. Mai’s (Yeehaw)

We are havin’ a cowboy round up at Mr. Mai’s (Yeehaw)

and so on (just hum the tune and you’ll get it). We’ll be learnin’ lots of English at Mr. Mai’s (You bet), We’ll be singin’ and a playin’ at Mr. Mai’s (Woohoo), We’ll be makin’ cowboy things at Mr Mai’s (Howdyho), and lastly, So let’s all ride out to meet at Mr. Mai’s (Giddyup).  Lest you write to me to correct my English keep in mind that we were having a COWBOY camp. This involved a lot of Howdys, yeehaws and yippee kay ayes. It was all used to emphasize that long and short vowel sounds while still getting into character. Being in character is important when learning. The more real I can make these camps the more motivated the kids are to learn in a fun atmosphere. Meanwhile back at the ranch…

We danced!

kathi n ann

Mrs. Ann Oakley also coroegraphed a line dance to one of our songs. It was great!  She’s so multitalented.

And we played games! Shootin’ range and there’s a snake!

games 22


So the Beaded E Ranch, led by our own Neomi Dominguez, had a yeehaw day.

Beaded E Team

Life was good on the range. The cattle were happy and fed. The coyotes howled along to the music and we all had a full second day.

Happy trails!

6 responses to “Cowboy Roundup Day 2

  1. Fabulous! Well done! The head of the Beaded E Ranch sounds a little more rested with this report! That snake looks mighty real. Tell me it’s not! Love the genuine cowboy boots in addition to all else.
    Our best to Betsy when you communicate with them.

  2. Fantastic, Kathi! How fun and special for the kids. What a great way to learn.
    Enjoy your anniversary holiday in Italy!!

  3. thanks for letting us get a feel of your very special – professionally organized! – camp for the kids! Amazing. I’m sure they will remember it for a long time!!

  4. Kathi, I wonder who had the most fun, the kids or you? What a fun learning time. I remember teaching Lyndi first grade in Bangladesh. One of her books was about cowboys and she had no I idea what a cowboy is. There were lots of new words for her! Enjoy your trip!

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