Cowboy Roundup Day 3

Some might say I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the details of my camps. For instance, since we were learning the long and short vowel sounds I chose to change the traditional chorus for our theme song to reflect each days’ vowel. Instead of aye aye yippee yippee aye each day, we said ae ae yappee yappe ae, ee ee yeppee yeppe ee, ai ai yippee yippee ai, oh oh yoppee yoppee oh and lastly yue yue yuppee yuppee yue. This made for some interesting choruses. Some of these sounds are easy for the Chinese and some are not. It’s all for re-enforcement sake, you know. My music team had trouble remembering the changes from day to day but we managed.

music 03

The wonderful Wild Isabel Hiphop!

The wonderful Wild Isabel Hiphop!

Our halfway point of camp is always highlighted with takeout lunch from McDonalds. Some of the kids have not eaten there before but most of them like it. It’s pretty predictable that the Chinese will order the chicken sandwich and the leaders will order the hamburgers. Beef burgers are not popular here in China. They even call chicken burgers ‘hambao’.

Our movies for the week were Toy Story 2, where Woody meets the rest of his western gang, American Tale 2, where Feival goes west, Home on the Range, where cows need to save the ranch, and Rango, where Johnny Dep bored the kids with his existential ramblings. We have found that cartoons work best to keep the kids interested, while live action sometimes involves kissing scenes (oh horror! The 10 year old boys were totally disgusted!). Last camp we showed George of the Jungle (Safari Camp) and the kids were most disruptive during the love story parts. Lesson learned.

Each of the ranches made up a ranch call using their long vowel sounds. Some were very creative and funny. The Flying I’s had a call to the intro to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train. Duh, duh (2,3,4) duh, duh, (2) duh,duh (4) duh, duh, aye aye aye!  It cracked Mark up. Look it up if you’re curious.

The craft was also very cool. Stick Horses!


Don’t you just love craft time?!  I know I do.

Our games even had an English learning time. I purchased a giant scrabble game and threw out the letters to five seven-letter cowboy words and the teams each got a word to collect. I’m sorry I only got video coverage of that game.

The Mystery at the Double M Ranch progressed as the kids got more and more involved in the story. Much of this is due to the excellent rapport between Mr. Mai and his sidekick, The Barrydance Kid.


Mr. Mai even played Home on the Range for the campers on his harmonica! I had originally wanted to give eack child a small harmonica to learn that song but instead we woke up and smelled the cowboy coffee and switched to …kazooz!



The Flying I’s had a good day.

Flying I Team

Making outlaw faces was lost on the majority of the group.

Happy Trails!

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