Cowboy Roundup Day 4

Everyday as part of the ESL time each ranch had a chance to go to the reading Wagon to read a book together.



And here are some of the books I brought back with me.





Each of the Ranches had a volunteer Interpreter. These were customers to our English club who were so interested in the camps that they begged to have a part. All of them were too old to participate as campers so I asked if they would be interested in being Interpreters for the team leaders. They all agreed. 4 out of 5 of my team leaders were English teachers at the university that Mark teaches at. Only one came all the way from the US to help out. So each of the leaders had a different level of Chinese ability and were grateful for the extra help in understanding instructions, etc.

Even I, the camp director, got involved in esl time by taking the three level 1 kids so that the rest of my leaders could concentrate on the level 2s and 3s.

working on vowel sounds

working on vowel sounds


We also lassoed some cows and rode bulls in the rodeo!



It was O day after all.

The Roped O Ranch

The Roped O Ranch

Happy Trails!

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