Cowboy Roundup Day 5

The last day of camp! What a month this week has been!  The last day always involves a change of schedule. Instead of movie time in the afternoon we include group and individual pictures, going to the general store, tattoos and special games and treats.  So here are some highlights…




dancing cowboys and cowgirls

dancing cowboys and cowgirls



The story revealed friendship, cooperation, mercy, forgiveness, wisdom, cleverness and love, but NO kissing! There were bandits, rattlesnakes, cattle, moaning caves, and high jinks but the hero prevailed in the end and managed to save the bad guy from the townfolk. Forgiveness wins out.

In the end, the town was united in the same cause and united in their forgiveness. The kids were united in their enthusiasm for camp and unrivaled in their energy even at the end.

United U Team 02

The United U Ranch reminded us that “Who are we? You and Me, United!”

support staff01

Yippee Kay Aye and Happy Trails!!

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