Some of you have heard me talk about the interesting English names the Chinese sometimes choose. There’s the typical ones: Sunny, Summer, Winter, Spring, etc. There are the disturbing: Sadness, Lucifer, Pain, Aphrodisiac… and then there are the comical. Three college friends, all boys, chose to be Apple, Orange and Banana. Apple got a job at the coffee shop first and then Orange second but Banana didn’t make the cut. Really. I didn’t make this up.

This blog is about Orange. His English isn’t that good and he’s a quiet soul. But then he met Sophie. She also worked at the coffee shop. She is a go-getter who majored in French. That’s how good her English is, she was allowed to take another foreign language after passing the English exam. She’s also a strong member of a fellowship similar to mine. Orange was not.

He is now. He went with Sophie and others from the coffee shop to a gathering and heard things he’d never thought about before. He took a swim last year and celebrates with the rest of us now about his name in a book I know about. And then he went off to Tibet to help his brother with a new business. He was away for less than a year. He couldn’t stay away from Sophie. Love is like that.  It’s been a great privilege to be a witness to this story. Thank you for allowing us to be here.

Now I’m going to go have some fruit salad. For some reason I’m hungry for it.

2 responses to “Love

  1. Wow Kathi! That is so beautiful. So Glad you were able to be a part of it. We love you lots. We tell Dad all about you often.

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