Moon Cakes

It’s that time of year again. Mid-Autumn Festival.


It’s held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year it falls on the 15th of September. So it’s been very confusing to think that the holiday is referred to as the 15th day of the 8th month, i.e. 15/08 Happy Festival! When I want to say 15/09 Happy Festival! Sigh. Language can make life very interesting.

Anyways…I digress. The school gives us a big box of moon cakes for the holiday.


The most popular ones have egg or sweet bean paste inside a very dense pastry shell. Some of my personal favorites are the fruity gels inside. Those are rare.

Some of the Western ice cream stores here have started selling ice cream moon cakes for an exhorbitent price! People will line up to pay $50 – $100 for a set of ice cream style moon cakes! It shows that 1. The traditional moon cakes are just that; traditional and thrown out rather than eaten.


The more important tradition is for the family to gather for a meal together. It comes when they see the moon as it’s biggest and fullest. The full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion.

So, we plan to sit out on our balcony tonight with a moon cake and a bottle of wine and look at the moon and think of all of you whom we love and miss. When you look up at the moon, think of us and smile, knowing we are where we want to be; together, healthy, fulfilled in work, and growing in love.

We love you! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!


8 responses to “Moon Cakes

  1. They don’t taste very good. When Christina brought some to Bridges she had too much left over and we threw them as well.

    • I had one last night that was 5 nuts and it tasted like a nut-filled banana bread! Yum. AND one of the girls brought home-made chocolate moon cakes. Super yum!

  2. When Eric was teaching English in China, he received moon cakes as a gift. He put them in a cupboard and forgot about them. Later, in the dead of winter, they were found hard as a rock–or hockey puck. They strapped on their skates, grabbed some hockey sticks, and shot the moon cakes around on the ice. It brought lots of laughter for them and the onlookers when they realized what the puck was!

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