Our Easter in China

It’s been so busy here. Sorry for the long absence. The days become weeks , the weeks become months. Life careens by. Fast, full and a bit blurry.

Easter is a time to slow down; to reflect during Lent. The school where Mark works has an English corner every Tuesday night and sometimes there will be a fun theme to introduce the students to a Western tradition or holiday. The student-led English Salon decided to have an Easter event and Dr. Mark’s student, Katherine, wanted her co-host to be Kathi! She had met me at the coffee house music night while I was the emcee. She thought I’d make a good sidekick.

She interviewed me at the beginning of the festivities asking all sorts of questions  about Easter and it’s traditions. Her last question was “What do Christians believe about Easter?” I almost couldn’t believe my ears but after an initial shocked silence while the crowd quieted down, I answered. Boy did I answer! Afterwards there was a moment of silence before a roar of applause. I breathed again.

eng corner

At English Corner with Katherine

The coffee house also had an event for Family Time. A local friend came and shared her personal flannel graph pictures her had inherited from her mother. The parents and kids were entranced.


Afterwards there was an Easter egg hunt and goodies.

Then on Easter morning, Mark gave the message at our foreign fellowship. It was filled with moving music videos that had the group journey from Genesis to the Gospels. And for lunch we gathered our small band of Lutherans for a lunch of western food and our favorite western restaurant.


Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

One response to “Our Easter in China

  1. Dear Kathi and Mark,

    Good to hear from you! I know what you mean about how fast life passes and in my case, some good intentions pass undone into history too.

    We are loving our retirement home in Carol Stream, IL. There are so many activities, lectures, concerts, classes, and dinners with friends on campus that sometimes it is hard to get our “work” done. The best part, of course, is being near three of our grandchildren and their parents. The kids are 3 yrs, 6, and 8. We get to see them almost every weekend. I am making a colonial dress and cap for Sophia, the 8 year old and this weekend we are driving up to take her to soccer practice while the parents are doing ministry.

    I guess Leslie has now quit WMPL and is working for Thrivent in Bellevue. I am uncertain whether Richard and Leslie are moving; depends on WMPL’s decision about the house, I guess. Wow, our former compatriot will now be head of WMPL! We pray blessings on them—and on you two and your work.

    How is your health given the air pollution? We hope you are both well. Craig and Kristi now have a quiver full, don’t they?! Please greet Gronseths from us too.

    Hope all is well with Joel too.

    Easter blessings, Karen and Dan >

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