The Last Page

It’s been an embarrassing long time since I’ve posted! Forgive me. May this serve as a Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and soon, a Happy Chinese New Year message.

Tomorrow, Jan 11, 2018, marks the day that we here in China may no longer be able to jump over their Great Firewall. All VPNs and other technological things I can’t explain will be blocked and the security here tightened down. So this may very well be the last message I write while inside the dome. I can still send updates from an email I can access without extra help, but anything powered by google or facebook, etc will be blocked. My iphone has already been locked out of it’s vpn so I can’t upload anything to facebook from there. 😦

But does that mean we aren’t still having an amazing adventure?! No way! Mark still enjoys his job and Kathi still manages to get herself into more than she can handle at times. Living the life of an expat in China has it’s challenges but it’s still worth it!

Here are some pictures highlighting some of our more recent adventures:


Learning how to make pear and rock sugar soup for a sore throat. Many of the advice we get from friends is related to health concerns. The air is bad, and in winter the cold is brutal.

baby boy     sunny

The babies they construct here are adorable!     The teens they manage here are diligent in their studies.    And their fashion sense can take on some unusual twists!


gnomes      gingerbread     Family time at the coffee shop is a joy. Parties, special story time themes, and the twice yearly English camps keep us busy!!

santa mark    cypher

new years So from our side of the world to yours, Happy New Year!!  Stay blessed and warm.


5 responses to “The Last Page

  1. If you see this, I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2 1/2 weeks. By the way it is still over a month until the Lunar New Year, in fact, we will be gone by then.

  2. I love your updates! They are always informational yet extremely entertaining. Praying for you as you’re embarking on another camp! Whew, do you ever get a break?!?

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