So Far No News; Long Time No See

Weeeeellllll, I guess I’m still able to connect to the outside world occasionally so I’ll make this quick.

The last winter camp came and went in a blur of activity. I still got sick after the camp closed but still managed to get my office back into working order, all by myself, during the Spring Festival shut down.

Our birthdays have come and gone and our friends have a hard time believing we’re in our mid to late 50’s! I’m reminded of my age the morning after crazy music nights and big days at the coffee shop! mark is reminded his age after a heavy class load day of standing for hours at a time! We need your prayers for strength and perseverance.


Mark is happy to play drums for our foreign fellowship every chance he gets. This was on Easter morning. Our friends are sometimes curious about our celebrations and we’re happy to talk about them but there is always a need to be careful not to seem too pushy. There is no compulsion set before people. Dad’s just not like that.  He is able, no matter how restricted our circumstances are. What a relief.

On a lighter note, I’ve been having lots of fun modeling being silly with stories.


Do you know about the Highway Rat?


Life gets busy and the weeks blur together. That’s disturbing to us on many levels. It means we’re maybe, too busy. Do any of you struggle with this? It just seems life goes by faster and faster. One day we’ll find the ultimate rest. Until then… we’ll have to figure out a better balance ourselves.

Take it one day at a time, friends. One day at a time.



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